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Explore 5 New History Resources with History Research Center

Are you ready to learn about the Massacre at Wounded Knee or Nixon’s famous Checker’s Speech? We just added five new History Resources: American History, African American History, American Indian History, Ancient and Medieval History and Modern History. Let’s get started! Visit the library’s website On the top menu bar, go to eLibrary Go to […]

Podcast: Enter our Short Story Contest

For this episode of the Booklovers Podcast, I’m joined by Amy M. from the New Richmond Branch Library and Ashley from the Williamsburg Branch Library. They’re here to talk about the library’s Short Story Contest . Short story contest Stories accepted between November 1, 2018 and November 30, 2018. Submit your story, which must be […]

You’ll love these 7 fantastic fun board games

Board games are awesome. I have spent countless weekends with family and friends playing a variety of games. Pandemic is one of my favorites, in part because its cooperative play, meaning that my friends and I all play on a team and try to beat the game together. I am also a huge nerd, and […]